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About Me

My name is Ara, and I am originally Armenian. My passion for history and travel led me to create my own agency while sharing extremely different experiences, which motivated me in this adventure. For almost fifteen years I have been traveling through the countries of the East, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia, Iran.

During the years, those countries enriched my knowledge, through each ones’ unique people, cultures and history. This expertise made me who I am today, a passionate foremost, curious about increasing the vast amount of my knowledge and experiences as much as possible. My willing is to convey everything to you, for this reason, I have decided to share my travel experience! As the essential thing is to understand each country you are travelling through. A knowledge that helps you to a better understanding of the locals and facilitates your ways to its country and inhabitants. I believe that the discovery of a country is inseparable from meeting with its people and getting acquainted with their daily life. That is why I learned and speak in addition to my native language - the Armenian, French, English, German and Russian.

I am based in Fribourg, Switzerland, I have been coordinating travel arrangements for almost fifteen years, from choosing the destination to implementing final details on site. Your questions are mine - I asked myself the same inquiries as you and while hearing my answers, you will observe how they reflect my experience. I know that the details are necessary for successful travel, as my knowledge of the countries is more than just given facts.

I lived and worked in each of the countries that I propose to you to discover. Armenia is my homeland, as well as the other destinations, each one of it is more mysterious and legendary than the other, now they are easily accessible and open to all passionate travellers of the Orient.

Do you dream of traveling to one of the countries that created the fabulous Silk Road? Or do you desire to reveal it one after another? Just tell me about your wishes and you will always be welcome!

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