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Terms and Conditions

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''SITE'' - refers to the website Orient Travel
''YOU'' - the person / party who agrees to purchase the tour and / or any person / party who on your behalf agrees to purchase the tour and is mentioned on the booking form.
''OT'' or ''US'' means Orient Travel.

1. General terms and conditions
1.1 These general conditions regulate the legal relationship between ''you'' as a customer and OT with respect to trips and other services offered by the Agency.
1.2 These terms and conditions do not apply to the following services: services such as ''flight only'', as well as bookings of train or bus tickets are fully within the responsibility of the transportation/carrier companies and are regulated by the Terms and Conditions of the corresponding entities.

2.Conclusion of the contract
The contract between you and OT is considered complete once we have received your electronic or written booking request. Afterwards, the rights and obligations between you and OT enter into force.

3. Price and payment terms
3.1 The package prices can be found on the promotional leaflet and on the official website of OT. The package prices are, unless otherwise indicated, per each person and are to be paid in Swiss francs or Euros. The static price is always presented in Swiss francs (CHF). The prices in Euros (EUR) are only recommended as retail prices and are subject to the risk of exchange rate fluctuations.
3.2 Deposit: to confirm your reservation, a deposit of 20% of total tour payment (CHF 550 or € 500 per person) should be transferred to the bank account of OT within a predetermined period of time. In cases of delayed deposit payments OT may cancel the pending trip and claim cancellation fees in accordance with point 4.
3.3 Final payment: The still remaining amount of the price is to be paid at least a month prior to your arrival. In cases of delayed final payments OT may cancel the pending trip and claim cancellation fees in accordance with point 4.
3.4 Your travel documents will be sent to you after the receipt of payment.

4. Cancellation policy
4.1 General Provisions: in case you cancel your booking or would like to rebook, you have to personally visit the travel agency or send a registered letter for the completion of this procedure. In this case, all the travel documents, already received from OT, must be returned to the travel agency.
4.2 Service fee. In case of cancellation, change, or modification of your trip, 60 CHF or 40 € will be charged per person ( 120 CHF or 80 € per family) (see section 4.3).
4.3 Cancellation fee: when cancelling your trip, you will be charged not only cancellation fee, but also with the service fee for the current trip.
4.4 From 61 to 90 days before departure: 20% of the trip cost must be paid.
4.5 From 31 to 61 days before departure: 40% of the trip cost must be paid.
4.6 From 16 to 30 days before departure: 60% of the trip cost must be paid.
4.7 From 2 to 15 days before departure: 90% of the trip cost must be paid.
4.8 The last indicated date in your written request will be considered as a base for calculation of costs caused by cancellation or rebooking.
4.9 Cancellation insurance. If you have cancellation insurance or it is included in our contract, cancellation fees are charged to the respective insurance company.

5. Rate changes
5.1 Changes before signing the contract: OT reserves the right to make changes in leaflets, brochures and service descriptions before your booking. In this case, you will be informed by the travel agency before signing the contract.
5.2 Changing the price after signing the contract: Under exceptional circumstances, the original price may be increased. Such price increases may result due to the following reasons:
5.3 Increase in transportation costs (including fuel)
5.4 Introduction of new taxes or tax increases (e.g. airport charges, VAT, etc.)
5.5 Exchange rate fluctuations
5.6 Changes in program, transport sector and in other services:
OT reserves the right to cancel or modify the travel program or certain agreed services in your interest (e.g. accommodation, transport, transportation, airlines, flights, etc.), in case of unforeseen circumstances OT will try to offer you other alternatives.
OT will immediately notify you of these changes and the impact on the price.
5.7 Program changes may occur during the trip due to unfavorable weather or in force majeure cases. If a major change in the program is required during the trip, OT will refund any difference between the initially agreed price and finally provided services.

6. Cancellation of reservations by OT
6.1 OT has the right to cancel your reservation for the reasons provided in sections 6.2 and 6.3. In these cases, OT will fully reimburse already paid amount: only provided service fees will be retained according to the article 4.2.
6.2 The minimum number of participants: There is a minimum number of participants required for all tours organized by OT. If the minimum number is not reached, OT may cancel the trip not later than 30 days before departure.
6.3 Cases of force majeure (natural disasters, civil disturbance etc.) may serve reasonable grounds for cancellation of OT’s services. In such cases, OT will guide you as quickly as possible. If the service is canceled, OT will seek to offer you equivalent replacement of your trip.

7. Claims and demands for reimbursement
7.1 If the service does not correspond to contract’s conditions or if you suffered any damage or loss, you can make a complaint to OT or service partner of OT. You should attach any evidence confirming the loss or damage (declaration of the provider, etc.).
7.2 After receiving your complaint and supporting documents, OT will take the necessary steps to compensate your loss or damage.

8. Limitation of liability of OT
Any liability of OT is precluded within the limits set by law.

9. Formalities while crossing the border
It is your own responsibility to comply with travel regulations, in particular domestic and foreign entry/exit rules, health regulations and passport/visa regulations. The same applies to obtaining all necessary travel documents.

10. Confirmation of flight tickets
In case of customized trips without any support, you are responsible for your return flight. All important information is contained in the travel documents. Reconfirmation failure may result in loss of transport law: in this case, emerging costs shall be borne by travelers.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction
11.1 The Swiss legal system is applicable to the legal relationship between you and OT.
11.2 The exclusive place of jurisdiction for any legal proceedings against OT is Switzerland.

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