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Terms & Conditions

  1. Definition
    AlpDelivery.ch is one of the subsidiaries of ARATOURS SA.
    This branch was launched to take care of distributing shipments to the specified addresses based on the ordered transport service. These general conditions regulate the commercial relations between Alpdelivery.ch and the Client within the framework of the delivery service. AlpDelivery.ch is authorised to use other contractual domestic transport or courier companies to provide the delivery services.

  2. Shipment orders
    Each order must contain all the necessary recipient address information stating the address to which the cargo will be delivered, the content of the shipment, its quantity, weight, and dimensions. The Customer is responsible for any incorrectly advised details and omissions: inappropriate packaging, incomplete or incorrect instructions.

    AlpDelivery.ch is authorised to deliver the shipment without the recipient's acknowledgement of receipt. Therefore, the deposit at the recipient is considered as delivered in an appropriate form. A picture of the delivered item is proof of the complete distribution.
    If the recipient rejects the shipment or if the delivery cannot be completed for another reason, the sent parcel will be returned to the sender and distributed another time based on an agreement and at the expense of the Client.

  3. The Prohibited Cargoes
    The following items are not supported by AlpDelivery.ch:
    - Coded consignments, parcels in a post office box.
    - Bank bills, coins, jewellery, precious stones, securities etc.
    - Goods which value exceeds CHF 50'000.-
    - Perishable products which can be damaged during transport and requiring special technical procedures.
    - Goods which may cause personal injury or property damage.
    - Weapons, ammunition, highly flammable materials, explosives, or other items which fall under criminal law.
    - Any other cargo which is legally prohibited.

  4. Opening the Parcel
    The parcel can be opened by official personnel or employees under the following circumstances:
    - Official checkpoints (customs, police, etc.).
    - For the need of the recipient's recognition.
    -Other transportation security requirements.

  5. Liability
    AlpDelivery.ch has no liability for damage resulting from a delay. Liability for loss, damage or incorrect distribution of the goods transported is limited to the actual value of the shipment and to a maximum of CHF 500.- per shipment.

  6. Exemption from Liability
    AlpDelivery.ch does not take responsibility for damage due to the following circumstances:
    - Damage due to inappropriate packaging or to the shipment itself during transport.
    - Damage due to weather conditions (frost, heat, temperature variation, rain, snowfall, humidity, etc.).
    - Electrical or magnetic damage.
    - Damage resulting from delayed delivery due to controls by authorities (customs, police, others), closed roads, technical breakdowns or other.
    - Customs duty, taxes, or other charges.
    - Damage intentionally caused by a third party.
    - Force majeure.

  7. Transport insurance
    AlpDelivery.ch has public liability insurance as a “Transporter” up to CHF 50'000.-. AlpDelivery.ch is also able to offer supplementary “All Risk” insurance. In this case, the additional fees will be charged by the Client. If the cargo’s value extends the CHF 50'000.-, the Client is requested to notify the Company.

  8. Confidentiality
    We are committed to keeping the order's data confidential during and after completing the shipment service. Only those individuals expressly required to know the data in order to provide the delivery service will be privy to this information.

  9. Cancellation
    Any cancellation made by the Customer must be made as soon as possible. Any incurred costs due to cancellation will be charged back to the Customer.

  10. Acceptable Payment Methods
    AlpDelivery.ch accepts bank transfers, credit card payments via Visa or MasterCard, PayPal payment or Secure Link payments.

  11. Applicable Law, Dispute Settlement & Legal Venue
    The Swiss legal system shall apply to the present Terms & Conditions and to the relationship between AlpDelivery.ch and the Client. For disputes that cannot be resolved amicably, the capital of the legal jurisdiction is exclusively Fribourg, Switzerland.

  12. Changes to the Terms & Conditions
    AlpDelivery.ch reserves the right to modify the general Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice.